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We arrived in the boutique shop (opposite Exeter Cathedral) and I can say my to be mother-in-law and myself felt very uncomfortable. Ian Dunn and his wife, Josie, weren't friendly nor were they helpful.

Luckily I saw a bridal gown in the window, tried it on and it fitted ok but it needed adjusting. Normally you put a deposit on dresses, but instead I bought it out right in good faith. I then had a call from my bank to tell me the credit card payment hadn't gone through (this was after I left the shop). I then sent an email to the shop as they weren't picking up the phone to explain the payment situation and that I'll be back to settle the payment (no acknowledgment of the email sent).

A few weeks later I discovered the payment had gone through and I was being charged interest on my credit card! I immediately called the shop and Josie Dunn answered. I explained to her that due to some tragic events, my fiancé and I had actually broken up and therefore I won't need the dress. She was very rude and not compassionate nor sympathetic to the situation I was in.

She said we don't do refunds. Now I don't know their shop policy and I don't have a receipt of when I purchased the dress to explain their policy. I would have accepted the dress if I ordered it in, made adjustments to fit my size or changed it in any other fashion. But I didn't, it was their stock purchase, so technically they didn't make any loss.

I made a loss. When I asked if their would be any compromise, she got very aggressive and didn't want to hear any of it. I was so upset that I lost my fiancé and money for a dress.

To this date the dress is still in their shop or probably sold to another unfortunate customer. I would advise anyone shopping for a wedding dress in Exeter to avoid this shop- they're not friendly, poor service and no compromise due to recent events in my life.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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